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Young and Swartz offers a full line of wheel brush solutions.  If it’s tire and wheel, check out our Automotive Brush types.  For wheel shapes, from heavy duty power cleaning wheels to material handling to soft buffing and polishing wheels, we have the capacity and inventory to fill your needs.  Most often our wheel brushes are custom engineered to meet the exact specs of our customers.  We will work with your team to make sure the inside channel and outside trims are exact and perform as required.  We have the ability to customer manufacture prototypes and then work with you to be sure they work as needed – whether small sized or giant manufacturing, we can get the job done right.


BLOCK TYPES:    Wood, Aluminum, Plastic, Composite Blocks and Cylinders

PRODUCTION:     Staple Set, Hand Wire Drawn, Channel Strip, Epoxy Glue Set

FILL OPTIONS:    Animal Hair, Natural Fibers, Poly, Blends, Wire, Stainless,                                 Nylon, Grit

TRIM OPTIONS:   Varies - flat, flare, angle, beveled or specialty trims

Y&S CUSTOM:     Available – call for Engineering Solutions and Quote


(716) 852-2171

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