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"Yeah, We Can Make That"


For over 150 years, at Young & Swartz, we've always lived by a simple customer promise - "Yeah, I'm sure we can make that". Time and again our customers come to us with hard to solve job related and industrial brush problems - and we fix them.  


Sometimes it starts with just a rough pencil drawing on a napkin, or more advanced blueprints with an arrow that says "brush goes here", or high end CAD drawings or they just bring us actual samples from the manufacturing line breakdowns where the current solution is either worn out or just not working properly.


And to be honest, our engineers love it.  We start by asking a whole bunch of questions to make sure we understand what you need and then begin figuring things out, debating and experimenting with brush block options, fill materials, the most efficient manufacturing processes and trimming requirements.  


So next time you need help, don't be afriad to stop in, or call us or send us an email saying - "my job needs a special brush and I was wondering if you can help".  We can.  Contact us at


Because at Young & Swartz, nobody knows brushes like we know brushes!

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