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Since the 1860's, Young & Swartz, Inc. has been designing, manufacturing and supplying brushes and accessories to thousands of companies both big and small.


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From multi year-long production runs to problem solving “One-offs”, we're the brush experts professionals and manufacturers rely on to do the job right.  


Here's a list of the Industries we've been serving for over 150 years. Not on the list? Give us a call and join the club.

Paints, Varnishes & Lacquers

Paper & Pulp

Petroleum, Coal & Gas

Pool & Patio

Publishing & Printing

Refrigeration & HVAC

Refuse & Waste Management

Rubber, Tires & Plastics

Semiconductors & Circuits

Ship, Boat & Rail

Soap, Detergents & Cleaning

Sports & Athletic Equipment

Steel, Pipe & Castings

Stone, Block & Brick

Street Cleaning

Surgical, Medical & Optical

Textiles & Knitting


Trucks, Tractors & Trailer

Vacuum & Shampooing


Forestry & Lumber

Forging & Stamping

Furnaces & Ovens


General Contracting

Glass & Plastics

Government Procurement

Heat Treating & Metallurgy

Heavy Construction

Hotels & Motels

Jewelry & Watches

Light Construction

Local & Urban Transport

Lumber & Wood

Material Handling

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Metal, Gold and Silver Mining

Military Equipment

Motors & Generators


Air & Truck Couriers

Aircraft & Aerospace

Artists, Painters & Sculpture

Asphalt, Paving & Roofing

Auto Maintenance

Bottling & Beverage

Building Construction & Repair

Canning and Packaging

Car Body & Transmissions

Cement, Concrete & Gypsum

Computer & Office

Cutlery & Hand Tools

Electric, Gas & Sanitary

Engines & Turbines

Facility Maintenance

Farm, Lawn & Garden

Fishing & Hunting

Flour & Grain Operators

Food, Meat, Poultry & Dairy

Nobody Knows Brushes Like We Know Brushes.

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