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Young and Swartz retail store brooms
Young and Swartz retail store paint brushes
Young and Swartz retail store mops and brushes

The Pro's Store @ Young & Swartz


Welcome to our retail and wholesale

store - a place we've knicknamed

"Buffalo Brush Works", the

professionals choice for

industrial quality brushes,

brooms and accessories.  

For over 150 years we've

been inviting professionals,

contractors and business owners

to stop in and buy brushes and supplies right our of our extensive location inventory.


Just swing by and browse our convenient retail store located on the corner of Cherry & Spruce Streets in Buffalo, NY < Find Us > filled with just what you need to get the job done right.  


We stock a full line of standard industrial strength wholesale and engineered brushes, brooms, mops, poles, scrapers, squeegees, sponges, buckets, wingers and more in a variety of sizes and shapes.  Just about every day we have professionals stop by and find "just what they need" to do the job right.


To save some time, or to check what we have in inventory or to get the most recent pricing, call ahead and we can help at (716-852-2171), or you can email us at and we'll get right back to you.


This Week’s Specials

8” Counter Dusters - $6.85each


2" Angle Sash Paint Brushes - $4.75 each


Long Handle Toilet Brushes - 25% off 



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