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Young and Swartz offers a full line of hand held and long handle utility brushes great for personal and janitorial cleaning, industrial maintenance, scrubbing, painting and more.  Our utility brushes in long and short handle hand and deck scrubs, hand block scrubs, dusters, paint and chip brushes, parts cleaning brushes and heavy duty paint brush styles.  Choose from a range of fill materials – nylon, poly, wire, stainless steel, grit, brass natural fibers or animal hairs. Be sure to talk with one of our customer support staff to make sure you get the right brush for your job.



BLOCK TYPES:    Long and Short Handle Wood, Plastic, Composite

PRODUCTION:     Staple Set, Epoxy Glue Set

FILL OPTIONS:    Animal Hair, Natural Fibers, Poly, Blends, Wire, Stainless,                                 Nylon, Brass, Grit

TRIM OPTIONS:   Varies - flat, flare, angle, beveled or specialty trims

Y&S CUSTOM:     Available – call for Engineering Solutions and Quote


(716) 852-2171

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