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Young and Swartz offers a full line of industrial strength commercial and natural sea sponges.  Our natural sponges are firm, dense and come in different shapes and sizes - a favorite of our window washers and fine artists who love them for decoration, arts, crafts, faux decorative painting. Sea sponges are a very popular, durable and economic alternative to yellow or wool sponges.  Out hard working industrial/commercial sponges range in size from small block to larger bucket versions.  Be sure to tell us about your intended use, and we’ll be happy to recommend the right sponge for your job.



STYLE TYPES:      Natural sea shape, Pre-cut blocks, Rectangles

PRODUCTION:       Wholesale distributor


TRIM OPTIONS:    Custom Orders – cut to size required, bulk packaging

Y&S CUSTOM:      Available – call for Engineering Solutions and Quote


(716) 852-2171

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