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Young and Swartz offers a line of radiator paint and cleaning brushes specially designed with you in mind.  Our bent-handle bristle paint brushes come in long and custom lengths perfect for hard to reach places.  Our tube and hole cleaning brushes come in carbon steel wire, brass or nylon bristles to fit your tube and hole cleaning needs.  These hand held brushes are great for cleaning the insides of tubes and deep holes to remove debris, production or build up chips and dirt.  We can of course custom manufacture the handle, fill and length to fit your job needs.



HANDLE TYPES:   Wood, Plastic, Wire

PRODUCTION:      Staple Set, Ferrule Pressure Stamped

FILL OPTIONS:     Stainless Steel, Crimped & Straight Wire, Brass, Bronze,                                  Blended Poly, Grit

TRIM OPTIONS:    Varies per brush application, flat, flare or specialty trims

Y&S CUSTOM:      Available – call for Engineering Solutions and Quote


(716) 852-2171

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