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Young and Swartz offers a full line of industrial quality interior and exterior paint and stain brushes. Depending on your coating (water based, oil based, solvents, glues, stains, varnishes, specialty coatings), you can choose the right style brush for your job - from chip, radiator, angle sash or flat/flared tip designs.  Our brushes come in natural fibers, animal hairs, poly or nylon – each specially designed to fit your application, from small job throwaways for one time/single day use to big and wide professional grade bridge painters, house painters and more.  Also, ask about our line of support products – rollers, pans, rags, reach poles, sponges, buckets – everything you’ll need to do the job right.


BLOCK TYPES:   Wood, Plastic, Metal

PRODUCTION:    Ferrule Pressure Stamped, Epoxy Set

FILL OPTIONS:   Nylon, Poly, Specialty Blends, Natural Fibers, Animal Hairs

TRIM OPTIONS:  Various – flat, beveled, tapered, angle sash, flagged, flair

Y&S CUSTOM:    Available – call for Engineering Solutions and Quote


(716) 852-2171

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