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Young & Swartz offers a full line of marine boat cleaning, restoration and maintenance supplies including boat washing brushes (with and without block bumpers), solvent resistant fiberglass and marine paint and stain brushes, deck scrubs, wash mitts, short and long handle scrubs, hand brushes, cleaning and bail sponges, cotton mops, squeegees, chamois, buckets and standard & telescopic reach poles.  Ask about our soft nylons and more aggressive bassine, Tampico and poly fills. 



BLOCK TYPES:    Wood, Plastic, Fiberglass, Steel, Aluminum, Composite

PRODUCTION:     Staple Set, Hand Wire Drawn, Epoxy Set

FILL OPTIONS:    Nylon, Poly, Natural Bristles, Animal Hairs, Grit, Wire, Steel

TRIM OPTIONS:   Various – flat, beveled, tapered, flagged, flair

Y&S CUSTOM:     Available – call for Engineering Solutions and Quote


(716) 852-2171

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