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Epoxy Set:


Young & Swartz offers a complete line of epoxy set brushes and brooms – the strongest and sturdiest industrial brushes on the marketplace.  After holes are pre-drilled in the block, cylinder or ferrule space, individual filaments are bundled and dipped into epoxy resin, set firmly into the hole cavity and allowed to harden/cure, ensuring maximum filament retention and longevity against harsh chemicals and heavy repetitive use.  Epoxy set brushes are perfect for food and flour/grain manufacturing, window and car washing brushes and a variety of “no loss” applications.



BLOCK TYPES:    Wood, Plastic, Composite, Aluminum

PRODUCTION:     Epoxy Set

FILL OPTIONS:    Natural Bristles, Poly, Animal Hairs – Stiff and soft

TRIM OPTIONS:   Varies  – flat, beveled, round, angle, concave/convex

Y&S CUSTOM:     Available – call for Engineering Solutions and Quote


(716) 852-2171

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