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Young & Swartz offers a full line of short and long handle dairy brushes, also known as pot/fender or gong brushes.  Made with wood and plastic handles, these brushes stand up to the toughest environments used in cleaning bulk tanks or vats.  For “down on the farm” use, we offer barn brooms, double claw brushes and heavy duty metal cap corn and poly barn brooms.  Brushes are manufactured in natural fibers like Tampico, bassine, palmyra and horse hair, along with poly’s and blended fills to best match your job.



BLOCK TYPES:    Wood, Plastic, Composite

PRODUCTION:     Staple Set

FILL OPTIONS:    Natural Bristles, Poly, Grit, Animal Hairs

TRIM OPTIONS:   Varies - flat, flare, rounded, beveled or specialty trims

Y&S CUSTOM:     Available – call for Engineering Solutions and Quote


(716) 852-2171

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