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Cement & Concrete:


Young & Swartz offers a complete line of cement and concrete brooms and brushes for the professional market.  Our specially designed Tampico masonry brushes, deck scrubs and concrete brooms help contractors get the job done right.  For floor cleaning, we offer a full line of rotary brush solutions to help remove nasty coatings, mastic, carpet and tile adhesives, paint and urethane residue.  Choose from our steel butcher steel wire rotary brushes or firm-lock pad drivers custom reengineered to meet your rotary machine speeds and specs.



BLOCK TYPES:     Short and Long Handle Wood, Plastic, Composite  

PRODUCTION:      Staple Set

FILL OPTIONS:     Tampico, Natural Bristles, Poly, Steel Wire

TRIM OPTIONS:    Varies per brush application, flat or specialty trims

Y&S CUSTOM:      Available – call for Engineering Solutions and Quote


(716) 852-2171

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