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Young & Swartz offers a complete line of traditional and upright brooms including garage floor and soft sweeps, angle trim and corn brooms.  In selecting your brooms, be sure the fiber selected is best suited for the task at hand, balancing stiffness, durability, performance and cost.  Smooth surfaces will require a natural fiber like tampico, horse hair or a flagged soft bristle or polypropylene, while rough surfaces will require brooms constructed from much stiffer synthetic fibers, bassine, steel wire or a combination blend.  For heavy debris and longevity, we recommend using a handle brace on the block head with a heavy duty handle or a shouldered industrial style large handle corn broom.


BLOCK TYPES:     Wood, Metal, Plastic, Composite  

PRODUCTION:      Staple Set, Stitched Corn Brooms

FILL OPTIONS:     Steel Wire, Brass, Poly, PVC, Natural Bristles, Grit, Natural                              Fibers, Corn Stalk

TRIM OPTIONS:    Varies per brush application, flat or flagged tip

Y&S CUSTOM:      Available – call for Engineering Solutions and Quote


(716) 852-2171

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