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Young & Swartz offers a full line of baker, oven and grill brushes including long handle Tampico oven cleaning brushes with scraper edges.  Manufactured with wood or plastic handles, these brushes are just right for the restaurant manager and production line chef.  Our industry specific pastry brushes come in wood and plastic handles with multiple fill materials.  For the grill, we offer brass and wire hand held brushes with and without scrapers.



HANDLE TYPES:   Wood, Plastic, Block, Hand Held, Long and Short Handle

PRODUCTION:       Staple Set, Twisted In Wire

FILL OPTIONS:     Poly and Natural Bristles, Grit and Tampico Fiber

TRIM OPTIONS:    Varies per brush, flat and beveled

Y&S CUSTOM:      Available – call for Engineering Solutions and Quote



(716) 852-2171

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