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Young & Swartz offers a full line of automotive cleaning and detailing brushes.  Choose from short and long handle and hand held brushes for car washing, fender well, wheel and tire maintenance, interior and upholstery cleaning, carpet scrubbing and specialty spoke wheel cleaning.  We also manufacture specialty brushes for car wash assembly line cleaning and provide support items like large sponges, buckets, poles and chamois.



HANDLE TYPES:   Wood, Plastic, Block, Hand Held, Long and Short Handle

PRODUCTION:       Glue Set, Staple Set, Twisted In Wire

FILL OPTIONS:      Poly and Natural Bristles, Badger, Grit, Wire and Stainless                             Steel

TRIM OPTIONS:     1” – 4” Flat, Rounded, Beveled

Y&S CUSTOM:       Available – call for Engineering Solutions and Quote


(716) 852-2171

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