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Young & Swartz offers a full line of pad drivers and floor rotary brushes to meet your job needs.  Our manufacturing and inventory includes stock and custom pad drivers, carpet cleaning brushes, grit, scrubs and polishing brushes, center locks, risers & spacers and clutch plates. Often we will drop ship directly to the job site, saving you time.  For custom applications, our Engineering Solutions Team can construct the specific pad driver or brush you need, including combination fill materials and shower feed block designs.



BLOCK TYPES:   Wood, Plastic, Aluminum, Composite

PRODUCTION:    Staple Set, Hand Wire Drawn for special custom applications

FILL OPTIONS:   Stainless Steel, Flat Wire, Natural Bristles, Poly, Animal 

TRIM OPTIONS:  Varies per brush - flat and beveled

Y&S CUSTOM:    Available – call for Engineering Solutions and Quote


(716) 852-2171

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